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Helping Families Is What We Do

We are employee benefits, risk management, and wealth management firm with a never-ending commitment to a single mission– to help families be families. We help affluent families and institutions protect, preserve, and grow their wealth through customized employee benefits, life insurance, wealth management, retirement planning, and property and casualty insurance programs.

We take great pride in the enduring relationships we’ve built with our valued clients over the years. That is why our number one priority has been, is, and will always be, putting our clients interests first and providing the financial peace of mind so they can get back to focusing on what’s most important.

Helping families be families – stronger, closer, and wiser – it’s what we do.

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Committed to Doing More For You

TDC is a family of firms with over 70 dedicated and experienced professionals with a never-ending commitment to solving the unique risk and wealth management needs of successful families and institutions. TDC Investment Advisory provides Investment Advisory, Wealth Management and Retirement Planning Services to individuals and institutions across the country. TDC Virginia Benefits & Risk Management provides customized Employee Benefits, Life Insurance, Estate Planning, and Property and Casualty solutions.

Who We Serve

Those Looking To Unite Their Success & Goals

TDC provides objective and unbiased advice to successful individuals, families, and institutions. Our disciplined approach to providing customized, comprehensive strategies helps you navigate the full spectrum of your risk and wealth management needs and develop a long-term vision to create enduring wealth and success.

High Net Worth Families
Interested In:

  • Creating a plan to align their substantial wealth with their purpose
  • Collaborating with their next generations to understand and sustain their family values
  • Creating enduring wealth and ensuring their legacy will transcend generations

Closely Held Businesses
Interested In:

  • Creating a plan to provide retirement plan services and employee benefits for their business that benefits their employees and themselves
  • Reducing their fiduciary liability
  • Helping their employees’ families be families – Stronger, closer, and wiser

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*Investment advisory services provided by TDC Investment Advisory, a dba of TFO-TDC, LLC.

You Deserve A Better Investment Experience

10 Dimensions of our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is guided by certain core beliefs about markets, diversification, and investment trade-offs leading us to a different investment conclusion based on decades of academic research and empirical evidence.

Here are 10 dimensions we believe any investor should adhere to when Pursuing a Better Investment Experience.

The TDC Investment Advisory Knowledge Base

Wealth of Knowledge. Knowledge of Wealth.

We are firm believers that knowledge is power. By connecting your success with our wisdom, you can be better prepared for your financial journey.

Welcome to our Wealth & Wisdom Knowledge Base, empowering stronger, closer, and wiser families and businesses through thought leadership.

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