Additional Services

TDC Virginia Benefits & Risk Management offers a number of additional services for the benefit of our institutional client including but not limited to

EBC is an online portal which allows employees to access employer specific benefit information. This value-added service helps participants better understand their benefits and can increase the appreciation of the benefit offering. The portal also offers a single source repository for quick access to information such as:

  • SPDs
  • FAQs
  • HR Forms
  • Providers Directories
  • Topic – specific communication material

A special feature also allows employers to post its own news and documents, while still keeping all material secure.

Offering great benefits are only half the battle – communicating them effectively to employees is the key to successful recruiting and retention efforts.

Access our HR and Benefits Library and Award-Winning Business Compliance Resource Center. This comprehensive library provided by HR360 fulfills the needs of HR professionals and employers nationwide by delivering information when and where you need it.


Made possible through a gift from the Winchester Medical Center, the Mobile Health Coach provides outreach and educational services free of charge. Services offered include:

Local partnerships for:

  • Gym Memberships
  • Heart Attack Risk Management
  • Onsite Flu and Vaccine Clinic
  • Pharmacy and Medicare Part D Review

Services offered include:

  • SPD
  • POP Section 125
  • WRAP
  • COBRA administration

Open your employees’ eyes to what their compensation truly costs with custom benefits statements, which provide a summary of their entire salary and benefits package.

Interactive PDF Benefits Summary

TDC Virginia Benefits & Risk Management is pleased to offer this free service to our clients and their employees.